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EcoSleep is quite simply the ultimate mattress protector. It is the next generation of mattress protector that leaves the typical high street offering looking, well just a little prehistoric.

Mattress protectors are today seen as a normal and essential part of everyone’s bed linen, without one your mattress will quickly become marked and stained, as well as being infested with tens of thousands of microscopic dust mites.

The Problem

The problem has always been that so many mattress protectors are either hot, noisy and uncomfortable to use or provide little in the way of real protection, however thanks to EcoSleep, this is no longer the case. In fact EcoSleep is so comfortable to sleep on that you don’t even need a sheet, you can sleep directly on it if you want to.

EcoSleep's Secret

The secret to EcoSleep’s amazing combination of comfort and protection is down to the highly advanced technical textiles that we use in its construction. The upper surface is made from a smooth, soft and incredibly absorbent natural fibre, this is bonded to a microfine, supersoft membrane that you cannot feel when fitted to your mattress.