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So what is Ecosleep? Well quite simply it is the Ultimate Mattress Protector, the next generation of mattress protector that leaves the typical high street offerring looking, well, just a little prehistoric. Mattress protectors should, of course, be used by everyone, regardless of age, health or fitness, without one a mattress very soon becomes marked, stained and infested with dust mites.



Ecosleep protects your mattress from marks and stains and protects you from dust mites, and whilst it’s quietly doing it's job, you can sleep in total comfort, either directly on it or with your usual sheet over the top.


About Ecosleep

The thing is, mattress protectors have moved on. We have been at the forefront of mattress protection technology for more than 21 years.

Since then we have worked tirelessly to promote the health and hygiene benefits of using a mattress protector.

Our most used phrase has always been ‘Every bed in Every home needs a mattress protector’ and we are delighted to say that the message has got through and most people do now use one.


The Downside of Success

However, there is a downside to the mattress protectors’ success, as they have become more popular and sought after, more and more inferior copies have flooded the market.

Customers can now buy one from supermarkets and bargain chains, but the problem is that these are often manufactured to hit a low price point and the only way to do this is to use cheaper, inferior materials to drive the price down.

The end result is often an unpleasant, uncomfortable product that was cheap to buy but soon finds its way to the dustbin because it is either too unpleasant to sleep on or falls apart after the first wash.


A Mattress Protector We're Proud To Sell

We all deserve better than this. This is was our starting point when we started to develop Ecosleep some 3 years ago.

We wanted to create the world’s best mattress protector. A mattress protector that a retailer would be proud to sell and a mattress protector that the customer would be proud to use and to then recommend to others.

We needed to design a mattress protector that was so comfortable that if you wanted to you could sleep directly on it, without any additional sheet, a mattress protector that offered protection to the mattress without compromising its qualities, a mattress protector that offered protection from dust mites.


The End Result

Ecosleep is the end result, it ticks all the boxes, it is the next generation in mattress protection, a mattress protector designed to achieve ‘perfection in protection’.

The secret lies in it’s combination of Tencel with an ultrafine waterproof membrane. Tencel is a natural fibre that is much softer, stronger and more absorbent than cotton. This combined with the ultrafine breathable membrane has resulted in the best performing most comfortable mattress protector we have ever produced.

Ecosleep is available in more than 20 mattress sizes as well as pillow protectors, and in an incredible 24 different colours.