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EcoSleep Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of mattress is EcoSleep suitable for use with?

EcoSleep can be used with any kind of mattress whether it uses open coil springs, pocket springs or memory foam. It does however work exceptionally well with memory foam. This is because memory foam works best with a little as possible between you and the mattress, anything too thick interferes with the properties of memory foam and reduces its effectiveness.

Ecosleep can be used without any other bedding meaning that you would have just one item between you and the foam. Ecosleep moves and stretches as you move around on your mattress.

Can EcoSleep be machine washed?

Yes EcoSleep can be washed along with your usual laundry. It can be washed at temperatures up to 90c however it can be washed at lower temperatures if you prefer.

Can EcoSleep be tumble dried?

Yes EcoSleep can be tumble dried, however you do need to be careful as the drum on a tumble drier can become very hot. The best way is to tumble dry on a medium setting and make sure that you remove it from the drier as soon as the door unlocks to avoid it sitting against the hot drum for any period of time.

Is EcoSleep comfortable to sleep on?

Yes, EcoSleep is very comfortable to sleep on. It is quiet and rustle free in use and does not make you hot. The surface is smooth and soft to the touch.

Is EcoSleep Waterproof?

Yes EcoSleep is waterproof. This means that perspiration will not stain the mattress surface and spills and leaks will not pass through to the mattress. However the membrane on the underside of EcoSleep is soft and breathable to ensure that your comfort remains a priority.

Is EcoSleep dust mite proof?

Yes EcoSleep is dust mite proof. This works in both directions. Dust mites and their waste products that are already inside your mattress cannot pass through to you and skin particles and moisture cannot pass through to your mattress to feed any dust mites. This means that fitting ecosleep to your mattress will eradicate any dust mites already in residence.

Does EcoSleep need to be ironed?

No. EcoSleep does not need to be ironed, in fact you should never iron EcoSleep as it will probably damage the waterproof membrane.

How deep a mattress does EcoSleep fit?

EcoSleep has stretchy sides to hold it in place. These sides are 32cm deep but it is recommended that it is used on mattresses up to 28 cm in depth to allow it to tuck under the bottom edges of your mattress.

Is EcoSleep available in other colours?

Yes, because some customers will choose to sleep directly on it we wanted to give a choice of colours to compliment your existing bedding. EcoSleep is available in a total of 24 different colours