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EcoSleep has many features and benefits such as...


Waterproof Barrier

Moisture, Perspiration, Accidental spills and other liquids cannot get through to your mattress meaning that your mattress stays clean and stain free and lasts longer and is more pleasant to sleep on.

Dust Mite Proof Barrier

The microfine waterproof membrane does not allow moisture or skin particles to pass through. Without these dust mites cannot survive inside your mattress making your mattress and more pleasant, healthier and allergy free place to sleep.

EcoSleep is also effective on a mattress that already has dust mites, by stopping any more moisture and food from reaching the dust mites inside they soon die off.

EcoSleep also stops dust mite waste particles from coming through from the mattress.

Breathable Membrane

The microfine waterproof membrane is breathable, this means that it will not make you hot and uncomfortable when sleeping on it.

Rustle Free

The soft membrane does not rustle or crinkle like old fashioned mattress protectors, meaning that you are not disturbed or woken by it.


The upper surface is manufactured from a revolutionary new natural fibre called Tencel. This fibre is perfect for mattress protection. It is smooth and soft to the touch yet is incredibly absorbent, in fact it is much more absorbent than even cotton.

This is important in a mattress protector as moisture no longer has the opportunity to soak into the mattress, so the highly absorbent surface soaks up moisture and wicks it away from the body to evaporate away more quickly, this means that you sleep drier and more comfortable than before.

Machine Washable and Tumble Dry

Can be washed at temperatures up to 90c and tumble dried if required making EcoSleep easy to keep hygienically clean and ready to use again.