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EcoSleep is for everyone, we designed it to be both protective and comfortable and is therefore suitable for everyone regardless of age or health.




Who is it for?

We produce it in a wide range of sizes right from a baby’s cot size through to an extra large Superking size.

This revolution in mattress protection means that it is ideal for every bed in every home. It doesn’t matter what type of mattress you have or how deep it is you should protect it with Ecosleep.

EcoSleep stretches and moves with your body as you sleep which means that it doesn’t compromise the comfort of your mattress.

Ecosleep is ideal for use with memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers as well as traditional sprung mattresses.


A Mattress Protector for Every Home

Mattress Protectors are not just for those with a continence problem, they need to be used on every mattress in the home.

An unprotected mattress will very quickly become marked and stained just from the perspiration we produce at night. It is this that causes those telltale brown tidemarks on an old unprotected mattress. These stains start to build up from the first day you sleep on an unprotected mattress and are then added to by any other bodily fluids and other accidental spillages.

As time goes by this regular supply of moisture prodyces bacteria, mould and fungus which in turn start to rot your mattress from within.


An Investment Not An Expense

You will very soon become tired of an uncomfortable mattress protector and discard it, leaving your mattress unprotected. A comfortable mattress protector, is therefore an investment not an expense as it will potentially increase your mattress life by several years and pay for itself many times over.

An unprotected mattress is also home to tens of thousands of tiny dust mites. These microscopic creatures are naturally found in all of our homes, but more are found in unprotected mattresses than anywhere else in our house.

Dust Mites require two things two survive, food and moisture, both of which are found in an unprotected mattress. Dust mites live off the tiny particles of skin that we shed as we move around in bed at night. They can only consume them after they have been broken down by the action of bacteria. This bacteria requires moisture to survive, this is provided by the perspiration that you produce at night.